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back to menu ↑ Shareasale is an amazing affiliate program, one of the old school networks in the industry.They are known for having hundreds of offers, top brands and one of the biggest parties every year at Affiliate Summit East.You should be doing 00-00/week before you ask for weekly payments at W4.I’m sure they would make exceptions if you are having legitimate cashflow issues, but this is a general good rule of thumb.You can select from a direct transfer to your bank account or to receive a check.Affiliate management varies widely within CJ.com, because individual merchants handle their own affiliates.Adsimilis is a full-service digital agency that specializes in performance marketing, branding and web development, and is fueled by a passion for creative and effective solutions.Through proprietary performance and display networks optimum client results are realized, always focusing on ROI and continuous campaign optimization.

Shareasale is one of those programs that you just have to join as one of your main affiliate programs.They are simply middle-man companies that connect publishers (those with traffic) and merchants (those who are paying for ads/leads/sales).There are literally hundreds of different CPA programs and affiliate networks (the names are interchangeable), but there are far more bad ones then there are great ones.I have personally worked with 50 various networks, and over 100 affiliate programs.Below is the list of the best affiliate networks, and the programs I have or currently work with.

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Co Commission Junction does their own very strict approval process before even allowing you into the general area, so I never got the double approval thing.